update from art

tex-live@tug.org tex-live@tug.org
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 09:45:31 -0500

Art just called me back.

- Duane Bibby was supposed to send master artwork to Art in email.  He
  hadn't received it before he left.  He hopes to check his email today.
  Wendy: Art said you have been in touch with Bibby.  Can you either
  give me Bibby's email/phone or ask him yourself if he's sent the final
  artwork off?  And regardless, it would be great if he could send a
  copy to Patricia.

- For determining which kind of jacket to get for the CD, he suggests
  asking Pete Brown at Cadmus to see if his machines prefer a certain
  kind.  He said the price for the paper vs plastic ones was virtually
  indistinguishable (didn't know the exact cost offhand, maybe 10-15
  cents).  I'm not sure who should ask Pete about this -- Dick?
  If Cadmus doesn't care, then I suggest we get the all-plastic kind.
  I liked those better :).

- Assuming Dante and the like come through with similar orders to last
  year, we'll ordering in the neighborhood of 6000-7000 copies, which
  may be enough more to inquire at the pressing place whether we can get
  the price down any from $.70.  Patricia, I guess you can do that or
  not at your discretion.