tex live status

Kaja P. Christiansen tex-live@tug.org
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 16:13:14 +0200 (MET DST)

 > - Kaja, I think we should link to the debian software and recommend free
 >   software in general on the tug web site somewhere.  Wdyt?

I'm all for it. For example link to a page from software column.

 > - Kaja, do you have time to reconcile tex-live.html with
 >   texlive/index.html?  I think they should be the same (the former
 >   should point to the latter), and probably updates are needed.

I have all the time - but I am not sure I understand the question.
tex-live.html is the only one used for referencing. The texlive/index.html
should probably be a copy of top index.html from the CD (since the texlive
directory is a partial image of the TL CD, and the top index.html on the CD
refers to readme's in different languages... )

Update of tex-live.html: yes, it needs to be done for TL4. Unless Sebastian
thinks it's too early, I'll be happy to do it.