(final?) LICENSE.TL4

Karl Berry tex-live@tug.org
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 05:55:31 -0500 (EST)

Here is my proposed LICENSE.TL4 file that will go on the CD explaining
the copying conditions.  This is it as far as I'm concerned, unless
concerns are raised.

Copying conditions for TeX Live 4

You may copy, modify, or redistribute software from this CD only if you
comply with the requirements placed thereon by the owners of the
respective software packages.  To learn these requirements, please first
check Graham Williams' TeX Catalogue at:
(or any CTAN mirror, of course)
(also included on this CD at ./texmf/doc/help/catalogue/catalogue.html,
 but the online version will have updates).

For packages not included there, or just to be redundantly safe, you
must read the conditions on each individual package you wish to copy,
modify, or redistribute.

If you plan on redistributing the entire CD contents (as in making your
own copies of the CD), you must not do so for profit, as many of the
packages here forbid that.  You are allowed to charge only a (very)
nominal fee, enough to recover your administrative and media costs, no
more.  It is vastly preferable to not charge at all, but simply make the
CD a benefit of membership in your organization (or the equivalent, such
as for university departments).  Furthermore, the recipients of the CD
may not resell the CD.

If you make any changes to any package or the CD, of course you should
prominently mention such changes in any distribution so that users do
not take your work for ours, and know to contact you, not us, in case of
questions or problems.


We hope these conditions will be relaxed in future editions of TeX Live.
If you are a package author, you can help with this by ensuring your
copying conditions meet certain guidelines.  The Debian Free Software
Guidelines are the most coherent statement of these we have read; please
see http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines.  Also, whatever
your copying conditions are, please get your package into the TeX
Catalogue above.

We recommend using an existing license, such as the LaTeX Project Public
License, the GNU Public License, the GNU Library Public License, the X
Window System license, the modified BSD license, etc.  Please see
http://www.debian.org/intro/free for more discussion of this.


If you have any questions or comments, we urge you to contact us by
email at tex-live@tug.org.  We also maintain web pages about TeX live at

Thanks for your interest in TeX.

- Sebastian Rahtz, editor, for the TeX Live team