tex live status

Sebastian Rahtz tex-live@tug.org
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 09:54:41 +0100 (BST)

Karl Berry writes:
 >     or do you mean an actual ISO image? 
 > Yes, that's what I mean.
who would we be benefitting with this? can you give an example?

 > Aside from that, we (you) can certainly say if you wish `do not put an
 > image of the CD up for ftp'.  You put the thing together, you get to
 > impose conditions on it.

my feeling is that we should wait and see if people ask. tell them to
mail this list if they have problems getting the thing in the `normal'

 >      > - I'm not sure if we should mention the catalogue?
 >     please do. i really really want to stress that people should look at it 
 > Ok, good.  I assume it will be on the CD, can you tell me where it will
 > be?