lug letter

Karl Berry
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 19:44:55 -0500 (EST)

    Pat> unless oregon (where there is no state sales tax) is
    exempt from paying the california tax.  i will check on this tomorrow.

Thank you, that would be great.

Pat, can you also please tell us the mark-up to get the jackets (aka
sleeves)?  If Sebastian and/or Dick recommends a particular kind of
jacket, let's do that, otherwise, I guess go with the clear plastic ones
we used last year?  Unless there's a big price difference between that
and paper.

Once we have that info, I think we can finalize on the (approximate)
prices we need for the lug letter.

    i will try to get ahold of her.  the address is:

Thanks.  Please let us know when/if you do get hold of her; otherwise I
don't mind trying as well, though I expect you can do (at least)
everything I can do :).