lug letter

Patricia Monohon
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 15:41:00 -0800

>    what about tax? i had to pay 17.5% "value added tax" here. the
>Tax paid to who?  The US government, just for making a CD?  There's no
>federal vat here as far as I know.  Is there?  Or to the British
>government because we're shipping merchandise to you?
>I'm not sure if we'll have to pay state tax or not, but if so, we'll
>just have to add 6% to the cost or whatever the tax is these days in

unless we still have a resale tax number we will probably have to pay
state sales tax here...unless oregon (where there is no state sales tax) is
exempt from paying the california tax.  i will check on this tomorrow.

>     > Makes sense, but where *is* the master artwork?  Does anyone know?
>    chez Art
>So we should call Marian and ask her to mail to Patricia.
>(I haven't heard back from Art.)
>Pat, can you either call Marian or tell me the address you want her to
>mail the stuff to?

i will try to get ahold of her.  the address is:

    Patricia Monohon
    UCSF, Dill Research Group
    3333 California Street, Suite 415
    San Francisco CA 94118