[tug-board] lug breakdown

Barbara Beeton tex-live@tug.org
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 17:25:22 -0500 (EST)

karl, regarding shipment of the cd's
    I believe we should certainly ship via a courier service (UPS, DHL,
    etc); as far as I know, they take care of all the customs stuff.  They
    did when Dante shipped us the Sparc 10.  Shipping via standard postal
    service will mean *we* have to deal with the customs (ugh).

okay; that sounds good.  i suggest that the subsidy for the below-cost
groups should include shipping, i.e, they aren't charged.  for the
at or above cost groups, shipping would be charged separately once the
cost is known.

patricia said something about with or without jackets.  i'm not sure
what the difference is between "jackets" and "sleeves" (the latter
being what tex live 3 was in for inclusion in tugboat).  however, there
*must* be some protection; they can't be shipped with no wrapper at all.
so that should be considered part of the unit cost.  can you confirm
this, patricia?

i suggested, regarding possible customs charges,
       (maybe a request should go into the message
     to user groups to please provide that information.)

and karl responded
    Good point.  I'll post a revised letter after we hear from Sebastian on
    the Asian groups (are there no Japanese groups any more, by the way?)
    and from Pat regarding the pricing.

the japanese group disbanded some years ago.  the reason is very sad --
the members were getting all kinds of requests for tex support, and not
very many additional members.  (does this perhaps sound familiar?)
they were never able to leverage their expertise -- hey, tex is free,
so support should be also!  so they chose to disband rather than end
up with nervous breakdowns.
							-- bb