lug letter
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 17:12:24 -0500 (EST)

    the price worked out to just over .70 on the spool.  

In that case, how does .30 for the subsidized groups,
.75 for the at-cost groups,
and $1 for the well-off ones sound as an approximation?
Plus shipping.  Maybe we should absorb shipping for the subsidized groups.

We can adjust if we get some numbers from the lugs that indicate changes.

    it will of
    course be more if we want them in jackets.  

How much more?

    i can give them both
    prices and let them choose how they want to receive them.

Makes sense to give them the option, I guess.

For TUG, do we want *our* copies in jackets?  Not the ones going to
Cadmus, I assume, but others?  I guess they'll just go into TUGboat's,
so maybe not.

    i would prefer that the masters and the artwork be sent directly to
    my office so i can deliver them together to memory chips. 

Makes sense, but where *is* the master artwork?  Does anyone know?