[tug-board] lug breakdown

Karl Berry tex-live@tug.org
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 17:06:30 -0500 (EST)

    i see you've also left the not-yet-constituted portuguese group
    off.  (reasonable)  i don't see any others.

Oops, that was actually unintentional, but it does seem to be the same
boat as ITALIC, so will let it stand.

    has anyone checked out what the customs situation will be on bulk
    shipments of the cd?

I believe we should certainly ship via a courier service (UPS, DHL,
etc); as far as I know, they take care of all the customs stuff.  They
did when Dante shipped us the Sparc 10.  Shipping via standard postal
service will mean *we* have to deal with the customs (ugh).

      (maybe a request should go into the message
    to user groups to please provide that information.)

Good point.  I'll post a revised letter after we hear from Sebastian on
the Asian groups (are there no Japanese groups any more, by the way?)
and from Pat regarding the pricing.