lug letter

Patricia Monohon
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 14:02:26 -0800

>My proposed revised draft of the letter to go out to the lugs.  It is
>basically what Art had, I just made a few editorial changes
>(non-controversial I hope) and added a paragraph about the cost at the end.
>- I suggest that Pat send this out as soon we get a grip on the pricing.
>Pat, don't forget to replace the xx's :).

this can go out on monday if everyone is agreed.  the price worked out
to just over .70 on the spool.  it will of course be more if we want them
in jackets.  i can give them both prices and let them choose how they
want to receive them.  shipping will be extra.

i would prefer that the masters and the artwork be sent directly to my
so i can deliver them together to memory chips. i will send sebastian the