[tug-board] lug breakdown

Barbara Beeton tex-live@tug.org
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 16:10:13 -0500 (EST)

karl says,
    Leaving ITALIC off since it's just Peter.
    Should any others be left off (barb)?

i see you've also left the not-yet-constituted portuguese group
off.  (reasonable)  i don't see any others.

regarding the more than/at/less than cost division, i agree with
your breakdown.  i'd like sebastian's comments on the asian groups --
he knows more about them than i think anyone else who will receive
this message.  i think india may not be in quite the tight situation
that the eastern european groups are, but i'm not sure.  i would
certainly give them the benefit of the doubt though if there isn't
any relevant personal experience available.

assuming about 2000 copies to go with tugboat, and a suggestion
from patricia for a total of about 4000, and believing that the
major western european groups (dante, gutenberg, uk tug) are among
the larger groups, it might be possible to subsidize the cost for
the eastern european groups even more.  

has anyone checked out what the customs situation will be on bulk
shipments of the cd?  (maybe a request should go into the message
to user groups to please provide that information.)
							-- bb

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Karl Berry wrote:

> This is all purely subjective on my part, emendations welcome.
> If university departments (or other organizations) wish to get extra
> copies, we can take it up on a case by case basis.  I think both Denmark
> and Australia are in the `more than cost' category :).
> Proposed list of lugs who should pay more than cost ($1.25?):
> AsTEX			<astex-admin@univ-orleans.fr>
> DANTE			<dante@dante.de>
> GUTenberg		<gut@irisa.fr>
> Nordic TeX Group	<dag@ifi.uio.no>
> NTG			<ntg@nic.surfnet.nl>
> TUG			<board@tug.org>
> UK TUG			<uktug-enquiries@tex.ac.uk>
> Proposed list of lugs who should pay at cost ($1?):
> CervanTe		<josera@gordo.us.es>
> Greek TeX Friends Group	<apostolo@platon.ee.duth.gr>
> GUTH			<jsanchez@gmv.es>
> Tirant lo TeX		<valiente@lsi.upc.es>
> Proposed list of lugs who should pay less than cost ($.75?):
> CsTUG			<cstug@cstug.cz>
> CyrTUG			<cyrtug@cemi.rssi.ru>
> Estonian User Group	<saar@aai.ee>
> GUST			<ekotp@univ.gda.pl>
> Lithuanian TeX Group	<vytass@ktl.mii.lt>
> TeXCeH			<Tex.Ceh@fmf.uni-lj.si>
> TUGIndia		<tugindia@mailexcite.com>
> TUG-Philippines		<fpmuga@admu.edu.ph>