[tug-board] TeX Live copies

Karl Berry tex-live@tug.org
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 15:29:57 -0500 (EST)

    one did the pressing for the first texlive cd.  there didn't seem to
    be problems so am assuming going with them is okay.

Ho Great, can you please send the name, address and phone number to
Sebastian (cc tex-live@tug.org please) so he knows where to send the
masters?  If you haven't already.

How much are they charging?  (So we can get a clue as how much to charge
the lugs.)

Also, do you know the status of the artwork?  Is it ready?  Do you have
it, or can you get it to the pressing company?

    is it okay with everyone to charge more for some lugs
    than others

Seems realistic and fair to me to propose, if any given lug comes back
to us on it we can negotiate.

In the absence of any objection, let's go with that.  

    (would someone please make the decision as to who pays more) 

Will propose a division in my next mail.

    if art's latest (3/16) edition of the lug letter is okay with
    everyone i will fill in the appropriate price and send it off.

Will propose a revised letter in my next mail.