Message to lugs

Arthur Ogawa
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 10:45:29 -0800

Dear Patricia,

I see Kris sent out a message to the lugs about the bursary fund. For your
convenience, here is the list of correspondents:

AsTEX <>, CervanTeX <>, CsTUG
<>, CyrTUG <>, DANTE <>,
Estonian User Group <>, The Greek TeX Friends Group
<>, Grupo de Utilizadores de TeX <>,
GUST <>, GUTenberg <>, ITALIC
<>, "Lietovos TeX'o Vartotojų Grupė" <>,
Nordic TeX Group <>, NTG <>, TeXCeH
<>, Tirant lo TeX <>, TUGIndia
<>, TUG-Philippines <>, UK TUG <>

Would you please make sure that your message to the lugs addresses the above
as well and any other addresses you might have found?

Can you give me a date when you expect to send out your message?

And please copy your message to