Coordinating the CDs with TUGboat 20.1

Arthur Ogawa
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 20:42:44 -0800

I expect that the TeX Live CD will be ready for distribution by 15 April 1999.
There is a possibility that the CTAN 3-CD set will also be ready by then.

This would be a good time to synchronize our watches as it were. Do you have a
schedule for putting out 20.1?

I would like to have a 1-page flyer incorporated into TUGboat mentioning the
TeX Live CD, and (if CTAN is also shipped) a 1-page flyer for that as well.
The two pages could nicely run back-to-back. Would you please reserve these
two pages in your page count? I will supply either camera-ready copy or
PostScript as you wish.

Barbara Beeton has specified you as the liason to Cadmus in all matters, so I
would like you to please pass the CSR the following query:

Dear Pete,

In the first TUGboat of 1999, Volume 20, Issue 1, we would like to slip in
either one or four CDs (depending on availability). Please let me know if you
can handle slipping all four CDs into a single issue of the journal. I expect
that each individual CD will be in its own paper sleeve.

Also, if there are four CDs to be slipped in, would you like each of the four
to be shipped to you separated out from the others (i.e., four stacks of CDs)?
Last year, I believe the CTAN 3-CD set came to you in sets of three instead of
three separate stacks, which may have contributed to the difficulties of
packaging things up. I can try to have the supplier (Dante) put things
together more appropriately this year.

Are there any other considerations applying to the CDs that you might wish to
tell me about?

Thank you for your attention!
Arthur Ogawa