Draft of LUG letter

Sebastian Rahtz s.rahtz@elsevier.co.uk
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 10:09:50 +0000 (GMT)

Arthur Ogawa writes:
 > >  > CD, called COPYING.
 > > what?????????????? who do you think is going to write this????
 > Peter Deutsch asked for this (details separately), and I volunteer to write
 > it. 
i am not sure you realize what you are taking on. there are
533+ packages to look at... but I do have some information coming in
now about copyright after a massive mailing. dont get stuck into this
without talking to me further....

 > Also, below I mention a flyer. I propose to write this as well.
thats easier :-}

 > No, shipping would be *extra*. Patricia thinks she can get ca
 > 0.70USD per CD, but other expenses have to be factored in, shipping
 > is extra, etc.
0.7 per CD is probably excluding the plastic sleeve, at least. you 
need to decide how to pack it.

 > Would you mind telling me exactly what you charged to the various
 > entities that "purchased" TL3, and what the quantities were? Like I
see previous email
 > I'd like to do it your way, but Peter Deutsch's terms are GNU-like, and
 > require no prohibition on further copying, except that the copies
is the tail wagging the dog here? GS is not the most important thing
on the CD

 > come out the other end with consensus. Singed or not. Maybe I'm
 > being overly optimistic.
lord knows why, when all the evidence is that TeXxies fight like dogs

 > Because these requirements vary so much between different portions of the
 > software on the CD, TUG would prefer that you simply pass the CD on to your
 > members and allow TUG to bear the burden of handling unusual requests for
 > distribution of the CD.
I like that

 > The recipient of the CD itself can only copy and redistribute the
 > software thereon by complying with the conditions placed on the
 > relevant packages involved. To facilitate this, TUG will prepare a
 > one-sheet flyer announcing the TeX Live CD and mentioning the
 > copying conditions (TUG will, e.g., publish this flyer in the
 > relevant issue of TUGboat). It will refer to a file in the root
 > directory, /COPYING, that explains things in greater detail.
ok, so long as you accept that a good many packages will be "unknown,
cannot contact author"

>> Flyer

 > You may copy and distribute software from this CD only if you
 > comply with the requirements placed thereon by the owners of the
 > respective software packages. 
 >  The file /COPYING gives further
 > details on the matter, and each package itself contains
 > restrictions relevant to that package.
or maybe not....

 > The creators of these packages variously require that the copies fulfill one
 > or more of the following:
 > * Be copyable under the GNU Public License or variations thereof. In general
 > terms, you must place no further copying restrictions on the recipient.
 > * Be copyable under the <LaTeXCopyLeft>. This applies to the LaTeX kernel and
 > other portions of LaTeX proper. Other software on the CD may as well employ
 > the <LaTeXCopyLeft>.
LaTeX Project Public License. and yes, it is becoming widely adopted

 > * Continue to be attributed to the author.
 > * Entire package to be distributed intact.
 > * If altered, not to be distributed under the same name as the original.
these are LPPL conditions

 > * Not be distributed for profit.

this is not

 > * Not be used for commercial purposes without license directly from
 > * the author.
I hate Bernard

 > In general, the licensors of the software simply wish to ensure that their
 > work continue to benefit people like you. Please respect their intentions. 
some of them want to make money