tex-live mail list

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 09:51:27 -0800

Kaja P. Christiansen wrote:
> Arthur writes:
>  > I was asking the current subscribers to tex-live for their feedback 
>  > on Patricia's addition.... You don't object?

> Of course not.

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Arthur Ogawa writes:
>  > I was asking the current subscribers to tex-live for their feedback 
>  > on Patricia's addition...

> fine

Accordingly, Patricia Monohon has been added to tex-live@tug.org.

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> ...i'd keep this list for administration and for bug reports.

Kaja P. Christiansen wrote:
> The point was that if there are more people on the board that want to 
> work on it, the better (I don't know if there are). This will still 
> keep the list "private". I don't think tex-live was ever maintained by 
> majordomo and it's best if it stays the way it is.

I'm fine with keeping this list as an administrative, private list, not
publicly archived and not mhonarc-ed. However, it would be a convenience to
have it managed by majordomo. This change is already in effect for tug-board
and tug-exec, and need not imply that the list be publicly archived. Would you
mind if I put the list management under majordomo?

I would be happy to see more people involved in TeX Live through TUG, but they
need not be board members (Sebastian, obviously, is not a board member).

I expect that Sebastian has a further concern that broader participation in
TeX Live not entail *extra* work for him. I want to introduce more
participation in TeX Live in a way that is an immediate net gain for Sebastian.

Therefore, I propose to send an email to tug-board inviting participation,
stipulating that:

1. People other than board members may also participate. In fact TUG (lug)
membership should not be requirement.

(Comment: somehow word should get out to the wider community, but I do not
know exactly how at this point.)

2. This, the admin list, should receive bug reports (anybody can post, and is
encouraged to do so).

3. Others may become subscribed to this list, but they need to understand that
they are either a fly on the wall or they are expected to make a contribution
to TeX Live. Kibitzing not appreciated.


Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> there is a case for a public tex-live _discussion_ list, possibly...

I propose to establish a separate TeX Live discussion list, publicly archived
and mhonarc-ed, to which Sebastian need not subscribe. Noisy discussions can
be had on the discussion list, and I or someone else on tex-live will faire la
liason to tex-live.

I hope this sounds good to you. Please comment on my proposals, if you don't mind.