tex-live mail list

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 06:59:45 -0800

> ...I think that the invitation to join tex-live mailing list
> should be extended to other board members as well, not only Patricia,
> in case someone else wants to join or listen in.

I was asking the current subscribers to tex-live for their feedback on
Patricia's addition as a courtesy. She is doing more than listen in (she is
handling manufacturing), so I specifically wanted to have her on. You don't object?

> should be extended to other board members as well...
> in case someone else wants to join or listen in.

This is fine with me. Perhaps the current members on this list (you and
Sebastian) want to talk about this matter amongst yourselves.

Note that the practice with many mail lists is to archive them in a location
where they can be retrieved via ftp and also mhonarc-ed to
http://www.tug.org/mail-archives. In such cases, anyone can "listen in" simply
by using ftp or a web browser. One publicly archived list is not maonarc-ed.

tex-live is currently a more "private" list. It is archived in a place where
only those with a login on tug.org can read it (in /home/tug/mail/tex-live).
Also it is not maintained by majordomo, so only someone with root priviledges
can alter the list members. In this connection it is like tug-board and
tug-exec, which are private for a specific reason, dating back to the days
when TUG had employees.

There may be some virtue to leaving it the way it is and there may be an
advantage to changing the list so that it is maintained by majordomo, publicly
archived, and mhonarc-ed. Although I advocate email lists on tug.org being
configured in the latter way, I think the decision is best left to those on
the list.

I would be glad to switch things over for you and to maintain the list
(majordomo list owner) if you decide to make the change.