french package on TeX Live 4

Arthur Ogawa
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 08:59:29 -0800

Bernard GAULLE wrote:

> - howmany TL4 CDs you plan to distribute for free?
>   Is TUG paying the making charges?

TL4 is to be distributed free to all (ca. 1800) TUG members; TUG pays for
these CDs. The CD will also be distributed by the other lugs, presumably also
for free. I cannot tell you what their quantities are at this time.

> - howmany TL4 CDs you plan to sold, and howmuch?
>   You said "not sold as separate item" but is-it sold with something else?

Besides TUG members, those with subscriptions to TUGboat will receive the CD,
also for free.

In addition, a small number of people (2, I think) are TUG members through
their purchase of TeX Live itself. That is, they purchase a "package"
consisting of the CDs, TUGboat, and a TUG membership.

The TUG board is now discussing whether we are allowed to continue doing this.
Do you see a problem with your software being provided on this basis?

The TUG board is also now discussing what our policy should be regarding
providing a TUG member with additional copies of TeXLive (say for use in a
university computer lab or within the context of an institutional membership).
TUG would charge a small fee to cover its costs in producing these additional CDs.

Also, some commercial entities, like Kinch Computer, have expressed an
interest in distributing the CD to their customers for free.

> - is-it any sold for resell in a commercial trial?

No. TUG does not provide the CD to anyone intending to commercialize it.

> - "a number of TeX user groups also distribute the CD to their members":
>   i just need to know if they are provided for the nominal charge of
>   making or if they are sold with a profit.

I think for free. We are in the process of communicating with the lugs
( now. We intend to know under what conditions
they will distribute the CD.

> With these informations, i should certainly give you a definite
> answer for the redistribution of my _french_ package, on the TL4 CD.

Thank you for considering our including your package in TeX Live.

Arthur Ogawa, TUG Secretary