A dvips problem in TeX Live 4th

Ramón Casares RCASARES@teleline.es
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 20:03:24 +0200

[Resending --karl]

In the 3rd edition of TeX Live, fonts cmsy10.pfb and family were chosen =
from the former Blue Sky, now AMS, collection. These fonts are obsolete =
(just see $\cal T$ ugly base), while the BaKoMa version prints nice =
$\cal T$'s. I wrote an email to Sebastian Raht explaining that a year =
ago, so now that I was updating to TeX Live 4th, one of the first things =
to check was how the $\cal T$'s look like.

To my surprise dvips refuses to produce right ps code when I try to =
embed partialy the BaKoMa versions of cmsy10.pfb. I goes OK if the whole =
font is loaded or if I use the obsolete Blue Sky font.=20

So that is the problem. Ah! by the way, TeX Live 4th includes only the =
obsolete cmsy fonts, but I can provide you the BaKoMa ones if you need =

Thank you!