TeX Live CD 4

Klaus Jantzen KDJantzen@csi.com
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 22:49:09 +0200

with this CD I have the following problems:
1. As I want to run TeX/LaTeX on my laptop directly from the CD I find
it annoying that each time I insert the CD into the machine I have to
cancel the setup.
Would it be possible that in the future the CD will be delivered without
the autorun?
2. Whereas I have no problem using TLCD3 either with WinEdit or from the
explorer, I cannot start TeX/LaTeX from TLCD4. 
I have a >>X:\bin\win32<<-entry in my PATH. 
When starting LaTeX from WinEdit I receive the message 
"I canīt find the format file latex.fmt". 
Is there a difference between TLCD3 and 4?

Thanks for any hints.

K. Jantzen.