diagrams.tex is too old

Paul Szabo psz@maths.usyd.edu.au
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 11:42:19 +1000 (EST)

You may want to note that the file


on the TeXLive4 CD is rather old. Newer versions are available from
ftp://ftp.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/macros/generic/diagrams/taylor/ (or is that
ftp://ftp.dcs.qmw.ac.uk/pub/tex/contrib/pt/diagrams/ ?) You may also try to
convince the author to remove his childish time-bomb feature.

About three weeks ago I sent you the following comments about the TeXLive4
installation ... they seem to have fallen into a black hole.

> I have just installed TeXLive4 on some DEC Alphas. Thanks for putting
> together such an easy-to-install package! However I came across some small
> problems while installing: you may want to fix these in a future edition.
> In install-cd.sh I selected to do symlinks in some (non-root owned) bin
> directory, though I think it would have whinged anyway:
> > ln: /usr/local/texlive4/bin/alphaev5-osf4.0d/latex exists, specify -f to remove.
> and many more such ln messages.
> Pdftex wants libstdc++.so.2.7.1 (with specific version!!).
> Amstex is a simple script containing:
> > test -f "`kpsewhich amstex.fmt`" || fmtutil --byfmt amstex
> but it complains
> > fmtutil: no info for format `amstex'.
> since /usr/local/texlive4/texmf/web2c/fmtutil.cnf has amstex commented out.


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