[tug-board] Re: Bulk orders of the TeX Live CDROM

TUG Office office@tug.org
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 16:34:19 -0700


On 6/30/99, 490 TeX Live 4 CDs were shipped to you from TUG via UPS Express
to the address below.  The tracking number is 4988 174 499 9.

>>   GUTenberg
>>   Attn Anne COLLIN
>>   36, rue des Geranimus
>>   F-31400 TOULOUSE

There are two different invoices with this package.  Please only pay the
one for $589.15 which I have placed inside the package inbetween the CDs.
This invoice reflects a $35. discount that Richard was able to get.  For
customs purposes, the invoice on the outside of the package could not
reflect the discount.  Please let us know when the package arrives.  Thanks!

Kiren Bahm
TUG Office