[tug-pub] presentation of "reading materials" on the web pages

Mimi Burbank mimi@scri.fsu.edu
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 08:43:15 -0500 (EDT)

 Arthur Ogawa writes:
> the phrase "allowing people access to documentation" implies that
> anything on TeX Live is protected in some way. it isnt!
> Here's the thing: people who are new to TeX or to TeX Live really
> ought to be buying the TeX Live CD-ROM from TUG or a lug. What
> better way to publicize the CD than to show people its documentation?

There is some confusion about what I meant in my original message. 
I'm referring to    ...../texmf/doc/   ... which, in essence, *is*
the contents of  tex-archive/macros/xxxxx/doc (at the time the CD
was cut)

this points to the directory in which people can "view"
the documentation on any package they might be interested in *before*
getting it from the archives....  

If someone already  has the CD, then there is no reason for them
to look at the TUG web pages.    The link to a "documentation" 
source for the bzillion pkgs would demonstrate the vast resources
available with purchase of the CD... 

Actually, when installing the CD - it is "optional" as to whether  
to load the two directories - texmf/doc and texmf/source - and 
many (including myself) choose not to download these in order to
save space. 

The information available in the texmf/doc/  (and texmf/source) 
paths on the CD, to me personally, is the best source of 
information on "how to" that anyone could want...  and may actually
be an incentive to get people to read the information about 
XX package before sending email to the c.t.t. and asking questions
that are already in a FAQ or in the documentation  somewhere...
yeah.. I know this is a fruitless wish  ;-)  ....