[tug-pub] presentation of "reading materials" on the web pages

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Sat, 03 Jul 1999 10:33:08 -0700

Mimi Burbank is suggesting that the TeX Live CD's texmf/doc directory be put
up on tug.org:

Mimi Burbank wrote:

> Under tutorials, I'd like to recommend putting up the contents of
> the CD   texmf/doc/  directory.   I've put this up here at SCRI
> on the web browser and I point people to the documentation for XXXX
> and tell them to look at it, and then go to the texmf/source/
> and grab the files (if they don't have it) ...

I suggest that Sebastian might want to consider putting parts of TeX Live on
CTAN, like the documentation, because allowing people access to documentation
does help sales.

However, I think CTAN is the better choice as a server for such information.

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