[tug-board] distributing the CD as an image for download

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 23:11:00 +0100 (BST)

Arthur Ogawa writes:
 > I understand from Xavier that his project is proceeding more slowly than he
 > wanted (so it goes, as we all know). I would like to know if a window of
 > opportunity is open for me to contact the licenseholders of the packages
 > concerned to ask if they would allow their material to be distributed in the
 > way that ORA-FR has in mind.
sure, go ahead. Just take Graham Williams' Catalogue, and go through
contacting authors where "license" is set to "unknown".

 > My reason for asking is that in order to make up GUTenberg's late,
 > large order, we had to deplete our stocks of TL4a and are
 > considering asking ORA to
 > replenish us. Xavier is amenable to this.
what is his timetable now?

 > I know some of the licenseholders of the above, and would expect to be able
 > to, in many cases, obtain permission without any trouble.
I'd rather you got them to change the license on CTAN, and not just
for ORA

 > So, is there still time for you to add them back in given that I will have
 > secured an agreement?
depends on when Xavier wants his disk. My constraint is that each time
we change *anything*, Fabrice has to rebuild the entire win32 install, 
and thats not quick. I no longer have the software installed to do it

 > > formats3/blue     
 >       nonfree/macros/blu/
 >           Kees van der Laan <cgl@rc.service.rug.nl>

 > > formats3/lollipop 
 >       nonfree/macros/lollipop/
 >           Victor Eijkhout <eijkhout@cs.utk.edu>
eijkhout.com, now, I think. he says he *will* change his copyright,
some time

 > > lang3/arabtex     
 >       nonfree/language/arabtex/
 >        Dr. Klaus Lagally <lagally@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de>
good luck...

 > > lang3/montex      
 >       nonfree/language/mongolian/montex/
 >        Oliver Corff and Dorjpalam Dorj <corff@zedat.fu-berlin.de>
they said they are thinking about it.

 > > latex3/euro2       
 >      not found in FILES.byname??
probably eurofont, or something

 > > latex3/koma-script 
 >      macros/latex/contrib/supported/koma-script/
 >        Markus Kohm <??>
he has been asked recently by Thomas, who has now given up on him.

 > Unless I hear back from you that you think this is a Bad Idea, I
 > will commence
 > contacting the authors involved right away.
ask away. but some of them have been asked several times...