Special thanks to the office and Patricia (Was: [tug-board] Re: Bulk orders of the TeX Live CDROM)

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 12:19:39 -0700

There has been some traffic on this list over the last few days concerning the
GUTenberg order for the TeX Live 4 CD-ROMs, so I thought the board might like
to know that all is well at this point. As some of you may know, GUTenberg,
through a very "TUG-like" snafu, failed to get on the list of lugs ordering
CDs, so the TL4a CD was manufactured without anticipating the 900 pieces they needed.

As of today, however, the shipment of GUTenberg's order will be complete, 410
from Patricia and 490 from the office.

Richard Detwiler wrote:

> The 490 CDs were shipped by UPS on Wednesday...

> Arthur Ogawa wrote:

> > Richard Detwiler wrote:

> > > Kiren will give this order priority attention on Wednesday...

In particular, on very short notice, Kiren had to drop what she was doing on
Wednesady and pull hundreds of CDs out of our stock of TUGboat 20.1 in order
to make up the full quantitiy of the CDs.

I feel that Patricia, Kiren, and Dick all deserve recognition for acting
swiftly and cooperating well in helping GUTenberg out of a tough spot. They
certainly all have my deepest gratitude.

Thanks, team!