upload of windows stuff

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr
22 Dec 1999 02:02:33 +0100

I have put the following at texlive.dante.de:/texlive/fptex :

zip: a bunch of zip files for the latest versions of each 'package' in
the texlive distribution. There are certainly missing or wrong files
in all this stuff. Anyway, I hope it is possible to test it. The
documentation will be available in a few days.

TPMS: this an attempt at mimic the RDF description for RPM
packages. There is one directory per system, one 'noarch'
directory for datafiles and one 'resources' directory for entry
points. The files are incomplete, but I'm working on makeing them more
complete. They are build by a perl script (using XML::Parser and
XML::DOM modules). I hope in the end that the ctan2tds perl script
will produce similar RDF files and that all systems will have a setup
program able to take care of managing most of the TeX packages
available on CTAN using this description. Another valuable tool would
be to setup forms to edit manually the description of packages, at
least some fields, like the ones that will be imported from the
Catalogue. The files lists should be build automatically as long as it
is possible.

Thanks in advance for any comment,

Fabrice Popineau