Notes on TL5 (Nov 16)

Fabrice Popineau
10 Dec 1999 17:05:29 +0100

I'm currently testing my pacthes to web2c/tetex on Solaris. Once I'm
sure they do compile cleanly, I'd like to upload them to All the material needed to build the win32 version will
be there. I can't simply upload binaries, because .pool files are not
compatible any more for the moment. The question : what is the best
way to upload those files ? 

One thing that should be tried and worked on is the source specials
stuff. I think it is worth to put it in the next version. Obviously, I
have not tested it very much, but it seems to be ok.

Another point would be : find someone to add color support on xdvi. Or
at least to have a look at what windvi does and try to import it in

Some other questions : 

- is it interesting to add jpeg support in libtiff ? If yes, the jpeg
library will be required.