Mac stuff on TeX Live

Thu, 02 Dec 1999 15:36:45 -0400


I would be willing to at least try to supply a continual updated file listing
for the TUGBoat.   What I will need, or at least hoping to post in the next
Tugboat, a query to all of the TUG members, to submit to me all submitted
packages.  We can set it up in form letter format by which we can have the
authors submit their contributions: their plugin name, location, version,
compatability, etc.  for their rojects.
Yes this is something we should work on.  I will try my best to submit this
information.  I will need to bounce and have a submission guide approved by as
many people as possible.

The TeXLive for the Mac: I do not have the knowledge for this information.  Can
we put in a Query to the Tugboat members for someone to work on this.  On
another note.   Can we also include some sort of help/classifieds in the
tugboat.  It seems to me that there is a huge amount of work in TeX  that has
gone has gone unnoticed, or that has gone undiscovered.  We must create an
avenue by which ideas can be channeled.  Perhaps we can generate revenue by
submitting a mini column, one page, with three or four line mumbojumbo.

Oh yes, there is so much to do!

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> Hi Paul,
> My apology for the delayed response, things have been hopping. Below is a
> note from Sebastian in response to our queries about the Mac version. We do
> distribute one, however it may not be exactly what you are looking for. If
> we are able to do it through TeXLive, it will be all (or mostly) volunteer.
> If you can raise funds to help these overworked folks, that would be mighty
> nice. Or, if you know people that might help, that would be even better!
> Feel free to respond directly to the list with any ideas
> you have.
> I very much like your ideas about publishing a list of the latest
> plug-ins/addons/etc in TUGboat. With your permission, I will forward your
> note to our publications committee.  Would you be willing to compile the
> list, and edit it moving forward?
> Thanks for your note. Please let me know what you think.
> Take care,
> Mimi
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> Sebastian Rahtz <> on
> 12/01/99 02:53:42 AM
> To:
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> Subject:  Mac stuff on TeX Live
> Does anyone want to volunteer to completely look after the
> systems/macintosh section of TeX Live? Currently it has CMacTeX, no
> more no less. Since I have (almost) never used TeX on a Mac, I don't
> have any feeling for whether this is good or bad, or could be improved.
> Sebastian