One-sheet for TUGboat

Arthur Ogawa
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 09:53:27 -0700

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> I am planning a 2 or 3 page article. is that OK

If your article would include appropriate language, then I do not need to
write the one-sheet. Would you include something like the following near the
beginning of the article?

The TeX Live 4 CD-ROM bundled with this issue of TUGboat is being provided as
a benefit of 1999 TUG membership.

and elsewhere (in an appropriate location):

To keep up to date on the the TeX Live project, please visit its Web page:
The TeX Users Group recognizes the importance of the TeX Live CD-ROM
and supports its development and production.
Volunteers to assist with this work are encouraged to contact

Please feel free to alter the language as you see fit, or even attribute the
statements to me if that appears to work better.

>  > planning to print the TL manual again?
> no, please. not enough changes


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