TeX Live 4 available for ordering

Karl Berry karl@cs.umb.edu
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 15:39:13 -0400 (EDT)

    Which software exactly? Could you tell me the names of authors, so that  I
    could contact them? Thank you very much in advance.

Unfortunately I can't tell you all of them because we don't have a
comprehensive list of software and licenses (another thing that will
probably happen next year).  Some examples are Peter Deutsch for
Ghostscript (he gave us a special exemption to allow sales of 100 copies
for all TL's), Frank Mittelbach for multicol.sty (he's changing his
terms for next year), scads of other latex package authors, most of whom
are changing their terms, etc.

    Gutenberg association charges 200 FF for membership plus TeX Live. 

I didn't know that.  Seems dubious to me, strictly speaking, but then
this whole thing is pretty dubious, strictly speaking, so I'm not in a
position to cast stones.  So if you establish this other membership
category, that will most likely be just fine.

So we'll put you down for 50.  Thanks.

    As there seems to be some suspicion that we would make some personal

Oh, no, I'm very sorry if I implied that.  I didn't mean to.  I fully
realize that you (and just about everyone else in the TeX world :) are
working as volunteers and not making any money doing this.  That's the
whole reason we've gotten away with our dubious legalities thus far ...

    providing financial support to software developpers (about 15000 FF
    last year to some German and Russian developpers).

That's great.  I wish we (TUG) did more of that!