Patricia Monohon
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 10:10:34 -0700

> Patricia Monohon writes:
>  > we only have orders for about 3500 so far ... dante and uktug have not
>  > put their orders in yet, and would like to wait a couple of days to get
>  > their orders.
> but when are you booked to press them? doesnt the pressing company
> have a timetable set up?
>  > which means, if you want to burn a new set and send them fedex (using
>  > the tug fedex number), we would have time.  i can burn cd's, but it
> I'll think tonight... i am not sure I want to risk it...

the turnaround time is currently 4-7 days and they can do them anytime
the next couple of weeks.  since we now have the order from dante i feel
comfortable with the 6500-7000.  i told them we would have the masters and
art to them on wednesday, but that can slip a day or two if you want to redo
the masters.