Patricia Monohon
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 07:36:23 -0700

> did the master CDs arrive in the USA? do we have a pressing date?
> I am *almost* tempted, if Pat has a CD writer, to make a revised ISO
> image with updated Babel and hyperref on it. Can you burn CDs, Pat?

they arrived on saturday.

we only have orders for about 3500 so far ... dante and uktug have not
put their orders in yet, and would like to wait a couple of days to get
their orders.

which means, if you want to burn a new set and send them fedex (using
the tug fedex number), we would have time.  i can burn cd's, but it would
mean i would have to download everything to my laptop and do it from
there as there seems to be no windows nt  (my office computer) driver
for my hp surstor.

....maybe i should push for a cd writer at work.