Karl Berry
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 19:35:51 -0400 (EDT)

FYI, I'm sending the tl4 order form to the hungarians now.  (Petr Sojka
sent me the tex-groups listing; we already mailed to everyone on it but

I've unilaterally decided they should get the price break, I hope that
will cause no ill feeling :).

On more serious matters, when is our slot at the pressing place?
I suppose it would be foolish to press umpteen thousand without the
orders in hand from Dante, GUT, NTG, etc.  Presumably we can always do
it again if we have to (ugh).  The orders so far as I have them:

*  50 DK-tug                    <>
*  30 Kinch                      <>
*  30 Sebastian
* 2500 TUG			<>
*  20 Aarhus              	<>

* 720 CsTUG			<>
* 40 Greek TeX Friends Group	<>
*  0 GUST			<>