TeX Live CD face art (Was: TL-4 Polish clone and lion)

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 16:57:52 -0700

Staszek Wawrykiewicz wrote:

> Since we will finish all matters _this_ friday, I'd like to ask again:
> 1. can we also put the lion on our CD?

Yes, you have permission to use the Duane Bibby art (TeX Lion in running shoes).

> 2. if so, can somebody send me tiff (preferable) or EPS file?

Patricia Monohon sent you the artwork. See also below.

> If it is needed, we can put somewhere copyright note and acknowledgement.

Please do. The artwork is copyright (c) TeX Users Group, use by permission only.

Also, please provide a copy of the CD that you manufacture to:

Arthur Ogawa
Secretary, TeX Users Group
40453 Cherokee Oaks Drive
Three Rivers CA 93271 US

The artwork for the TeX Live CD is available as:


I append the Read.Me file after my .sig.

Arthur Ogawa

========================== Read.Me ==========================
This document describes the files used to create the "face" art for the TeX

The distribution point for these files is:


The kit consists of the following related files:

Read.Me - this file.

TL4_face - an Adobe Illustrator 7.0 document containing the type appearing on 
the CD face and which imports the graphic, LionJog.300.eps, Duane Bibby's Lion.

LionJog.300.eps - an Adobe PhotoShop EPSF-compliant file containing a sampled 
image of Duane Bibby's Lion for the CD. Its resolution is approximately 300DPI 
and it has been adjusted to render in orange (Pantone S 49-1, CMYK equivalent
[0 0.7 1 0]).

TL4_face.eps - a EPSF-compliant file containing the entire artwork, with all 
imported graphics and fonts included. It is self contained.

TL4_face.ps - a DSC-compliant PostScript file containing the two separated 
plates (black and PMS S 49-1). It is self contained.

TL4_face.pdf - a Portable Document Format file for proofing purposes.


* If you wish to preview the artwork, you may use Acrobat Reader (or 
GhostScript) to open the file TL4_face.pdf. Please do *not* use this document 
for final film: it will not support the proper resolution of the sampled image.

* If you wish to print separations, download TL4_face.ps to a suitable film 
imagesetter. It has been set up for film positive, right-reading emulsion up, 
with a resolution of 100 LPI/ 2400 DPI (PPD is AGFA SelectSet 7000).

* If you wish to modify the art in any way, you will need Adobe Illustrator 
version 7.0 or later and Adobe PhotoShop version 4.0 or later, or any software 
compatible with these file formats.

* In case it matters to you: no, the type was not set with TeX, and no, Duane 
did not use TeX to create the illustration.

Arthur Ogawa, TUG Secretary
April 1999