TeX Live 4 available for ordering

Petr Sojka president@cstug.cz, Secretary CSTUG <secretary@cstug.cz>
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 21:26:26 +0200

On Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 02:14:33PM -0500, TeX Live 4 wrote:
Hi TeX Live 4 team,
> Anyone interested in including the CD with a non-redistributable
> offering of any kind should contact TUG directly.  This is not allowed
> by default!  Likewise, charging anything more than a nominal fee (to
> recover costs) is also not allowed by default -- and it is far better to
> charge nothing at all for the CD itself, but to provide it as a free
> benefit of membership, as TUG does.  (These conditions, like the others,
> are set by some of the software on the CD, not by TUG.)
> There will be a file on the CD that explains the copying conditions
> further, as well as an announcement in TUGboat, on tug's web site, etc.
> If you have concerns in distributing the TeX Live CD to your members,
> please contact us right away at tex-live@tug.org.
> Second, production details: expected manufacturing date of TL4 is early-
> to mid-April 1999.  We expect to mail the CD's to you shortly thereafter.
> TUG can offer TeX Live to your user group at a cost of US$0.40 per copy,
> and will absorb the shipping cost.  If this price is infeasible for your
> group, please contact us to work out an arrangement.  This price may
> decrease (depending on how many orders we receive) but will not increase.

This is to order 720 pieces of TeXlive 4 CD for CSTUG members.

Billing address:
Botanicka 68a 
60200 Brno
Czech Republic

Shipping address:
Ondrej Vacha
CSTUG secretary
Plevova 5
61300 Brno
Czech Republic

We will appreciate being informed in advance about 
CD shipping date to prepare in sync our Bulletin to be
distributed with fresh CDs.

Petr Sojka, president@cstug.cz