[tex-k] Why write_ln is used before final_end in tex.web?

Igor Liferenko igor.liferenko at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 07:11:50 CEST 2021

Hi all,

In tex.web error message is shown to the user right
before exiting:

1085:    write(term_out,'! End of file on the terminal... why?');

1036:  begin write_ln(term_out,'Buffer size exceeded!'); goto final_end;

I'm struggling to find consistency here: in one
case the message is not accompanied by
newline character, while in the other absolutely
identical case it is.

The cases are identical because:
1) Pascal string (not preprocessed string) is used
in both cases
2) "goto final_end" is done right after printing the
message in both cases
3) built-in Pascal functions are used in both cases
4) "term_out" is used as the first argument in both


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