[tex-k] typo A332

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jul 4 00:11:03 CEST 2021

    Also, page C155 tells us that a <statement list> is something like
        x = 1; y = 2;

    including the final semicolon. The answer to exercise 18.13 speaks of
    hide(<statement list>), which is wrong because you can omit the final
    semicolon when using hide():
        hide(x = 1; y = 2)

    Therefore I proposed changing it to hide(<statements>), because
    <statements> isn't rigorously defined and can be used informally
    (as on C259--C260). 

Ok, added to newbug. Thanks.

Yes, since C259 specifically says hide(<statements>), I suppose that's
the right fix.

    It seems that you misinterpreted my report and
    discovered another bug concerning <statement list> back in 2020 :)

Sorry for my mistake. Yes, other bugs relating to the statement syntax
rules were fixed. (I wouldn't be surprised if new ones were
introduced, but no reports yet. :) -k

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