[tex-k] Knuth won't fix \ninebig vertical asymmetry, other bug reports

胡亚捷 (Hu Yajie) 2500418497 at qq.com
Sun Aug 16 09:49:37 CEST 2020

Hi karl -- I reported the \ninebig vertical asymmetry bug to Knuth
(since it also affects TAOCP) and here's his reply:

> Actually the same vertical asymmetry between \bigl( and ( is present in
> tenpoint as it is in ninepoint. [Really? --Hu]
> Since I've been happy with that for nearly 40 years, I guess I'm still
> happy with it. (I did tweak the vertical alignment of parentheses in the
> letterhead macros, though --- see \up on TeXbook page 408!)

So it's unlikely Knuth will fix it for manmac.tex---please drop my report.

Page A226, line -7
Change "filename" to "file name" to agree with line -9. (See next item.)

Page A280, lines 3, 6, 21
Change the three occurrences of <filename> to <file name>, for consistency
with the rest of the book (cf. index).

Page C171, lines 17--19
The example ("The boolean expression `path ((0,0))' is false ...") is
unnecessarily complex, since the syntax for paths (page 129) leaves it
unclear on which level a pair becomes a path. It's simpler to say, e.g.
"The boolean expression `path (0,0)' is false, even though `(0,0)' meets
Chapter 14's syntax rules for <path primary> via <pair primary>."

Page C246, answer 14.13
The text says "z0--z1 expands into z0..controls 1/3[z0,z1] and 2/3[z0,z1]..z1"
but this is not expansion. "z0--z1" expands into "begingroup(x0,y0)endgroup
{curl 1}..{curl 1}begingroup(x1,y1)endgroup". I guess Knuth intended to say
"evaluates to" or "is equivalent to".

Volume C, Appendix A
The second line of answer 13.11 says "picture region; region := nullpicture;"
but the second line of answer 13.22 says "picture region; region=nullpicture;"
-- inconsistency?

Formatting issues in errorlog.tex

239     \\{\TeX_font_area}              \\{TEX_font_area}
528     \\{\TeX_format_default}         \\{TEX_format_default}
569     TeX                             \TeX
746     \<tokenvar>=\<tokenvar>         \<tokenvar>|=|\<tokenvar>
831     \\{\TeX_area}                   \\{TEX_area}
934     TeX                             \TeX\
941     last_glue                       \\{last_glue}
945     TFM                             |TFM| (cf. entries 483 and X311)
947     \csname\endname                 |\csname\endname|

(I guess 941 and 947 are known since errorlog.tex won't compile with them)


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