[pdftex] GMS 0.02a "Markup Shredder": Multi-page table support

Gerolf pdftex at GDBrettschneider.de
Mon Feb 7 03:31:40 CET 2005

The typesetting program that uses TeX for document conversion from HTML 
to PDF

Markup Shredder version 0.02a now supports multi-page tables. If you do 
not want a table to be split between pages, write '<table style = 
"page-break-inside: avoid">'.

www.gerolf.org <http://www.gerolf.org> now automatically starts up the 
online demo. The GMS handbook was split into separate files, so the 
online help, especially the download side, can be accessed faster.

www.MarkupShredder.org <http://www.MarkupShredder.org> lists example 
documents in both HTML and PDF format.


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