[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.2.6

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Thu Apr 27 06:40:56 CEST 2006

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
1.2.6 is now available for download at <http:// 
bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.  There are many bugs fixed in this  
version, so users are encouraged to upgrade and report the bugs we  
added along with all the shiny new features.

Thanks for sending in your crash logs; a few people provided feedback  
that helped us fix some hard-to-spot crashing problems.  As usual,  
please submit bug reports at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/? 
group_id=61487&atid=497423> so we can track the issue and follow up  
as necessary.

NOTE 1: drag-and-drop of files on the main publications list is now  
more sensitive to drop location, so pay attention to the row  
highlighting!  Remember that cmd-z is your friend in case you drop in  
the wrong location.

NOTE 2: the new sharing feature is off by default; check the manual  
or post to the bibdesk-users list if you have questions about it.

Detailed release notes follow.

Changes since 1.2.5

-- New Features --

   *  Added action to retry autofile, and dump error information to  
the desktop
   *  Can display author or editor in the main table
   *  Context menu in PDF views has an option to save the file (10.4  
   *  Added option to save a session (last open file(s)); see General  
   *  Added menu item to View menu to change preview display prefs
   *  Can now link unparseable files to Local-Url by dropping on a  
row in the main table (RFE #1426720)
   *  Recently modified PDF files in the system downloads folder  
(specified in Safari/OmniWeb  prefs, possibly others) are now added  
to the editor's recent file list (10.4 only)
   *  The input manager now supports \eqref autocompletion
   *  All tableviews have a nice drop highlight, instead of Apple's  
really ugly one
   *  Editor tabview now has opt-cmd-arrow key equivalents for  
   *  File prefs has a reset button for character conversions
   *  Preview prefs has a reset button for the template file
   *  Can now define global macros in BibTeX or bst files via prefs
   *  Drag-and-drop of .bib and .bst files is now allowed on macro  
definition and file windows
   *  Newlines in form fields of the editor are now converted to a  
single space for copy/paste convenience (RFE #1457532)
   *  Added support for sharing files via Bonjour (RFE #1458200)
   *  Added support for exporting as EndNote XML (following Alex  
Montgomery's AppleScript)
   *  Added action to create crossref parents from the editor
   *  Sorting in group table is now preserved (bug #1473424)
   *  Can now select items in .aux file by dropping it on the main  
table (RFE #1476010), useful for extracting only those references

-- Bugs Fixed --

   *  Select sorted table column after rebuilding it
   *  Fixed bug #1447828, IS was mapped to Number instead of ISSN in  
RIS parsing
   *  Check for complete entries is default response in consolidate  
linked files
   *  Undo doesn't register if consolidate linked files is canceled
   *  Fixed removing target file on forced moves
   *  Prompt to move linked file when editing a local file field
   *  Fixed bug #1449769, exception raised when dropping text on the  
dock icon
   *  Unknown types are handled more gracefully when pasting
   *  Validate the "Revert" menu item so it's disabled when you  
haven't changed the document
   *  Brought font changing options back to preferences
   *  Made DOI resolution more robust; anything before the first  
digit is now stripped
   *  Fixed keyview loops in pref panes
   *  Fixed invalid URL character ranges (used when parsing annote/ 
abstract for URL)
   *  Fixed top reported crasher of font changes in abstract/annote  
text views
   *  Fixed bug #1451900, preview display prefs were disconnected
   *  Text in editor text views is now pasted as plain text by default
   *  Changed TeX preview shortcut to cmd-shift-t, since we now have  
a font menu
   *  Fixed editor autocompletion on 10.3.9
   *  Correct download path from Safari is now used
   *  Fixed bug #1454094, data loss when saving files that have  
macros within macros; this is now fully supported
   *  Circular macro definitions will now generate a warning
   *  Allow dropping and pasting weblocs and URLs on the main table  
and group table
   *  Fix exception raised when undoing an edit in an editor textview  
under some circumstances
   *  Ensure that note type fiels are not inherited as crossrefs
   *  Fixed drag image for \cite command
   *  Don't allow drags to cells or buttons representing the same  
field as the source in the same editor
   *  Fixed crash in typeahead helper that could occur when closing a  
   *  Fixed bug in dragging text to editor window
   *  Complex strings are not added as completions
   *  Fixed bug #1460089, macros were copied as expanded values
   *  Fixed bug #1460062, table scrolled to beginning after delete
   *  EP is now removed after merging page numbers in RIS parser
   *  Fixed a bug that prevented previews from being updated when  
changing BibTeX styles in prefs
   *  Internal fields are now included for TeX previewing
   *  Default to @article instead of @misc for RIS
   *  Fixed bug that occurred when passing accented characters to  
   *  Some warning sheets are now run application modal, which fixes  
a crashing bug under certain conditions
   *  PCRE style regular expressions are now used throughout
   *  Fixed bug #1469659, empty RSS export
   *  Removed duplicate insertion from input manager
   *  Open previewtemplate.tex with TextEdit or reveal in the Finder  
if no default application exists
   *  Copy previewtemplate.tex instead of template.txt when resetting  
the TeX preview template
   *  Log output from failed TeX/BibTeX run in the previewer should  
now appear reliably in the previewer
   *  The previewer now adds its own directory to $BIBINPUTS if  
necessary, since some users put this in environment.plist
   *  Fixed crash in typeahead helper when closing text import sheet
   *  Worked around WebKit crash that could occur after closing the  
text import sheet
   *  Added discussion of delete behavior to online help

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