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All Packages Below Require macOS 10.14, Mojave, or Higher

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The Full MacTeX

The full MacTeX-2021 install package contains four pieces
Full MacTeX download information
TeX Live 2021: the full distribution with over 4 gigabytes of material.
GUI Applications: front ends, utilities, and a small amount of startup documentation.
Ghostscript 9.53.3
The Ghostscript library libgs, used by only one program in TeX Live, dvisvgm.

A Smaller Distribution, Basic TeX

TUG recommends the full MacTeX, even for beginners. It contains all files most users ever need. Beginners using it don't face the daunting task of searching for missing components and figuring out how to install them in the TeX distribution.

BasicTeX is a much smaller alternate TeX Distribution for users who do not want to download the full TeX Live, or have unreliable internet connections. BasicTeX is a subset of TeX Live of size 110 megabytes instead of 2 gigabytes. BasicTeX does not overwrite the full distribution; it is installed in /usr/local/texlive/2021basic.

BasicTeX only contains the TeX Live piece of the full distribution; it does not contain GUI programs or Ghostscript. To use TeX on the Mac, it suffices to install BasicTeX and a front end. To make life easier for users who want to use BasicTeX instead of the full TeX Live, we include links below to various pieces of MacTeX that can be added as needed.

BasicTeX was designed for easy download by users with limited download speed. The package is remarkably capable. It contains all of the standard tools needed to write TeX documents, including TeX, LaTeX, pdfTeX, MetaFont, dvips, MetaPost, and XeTeX. It contains AMSTeX, the Latin Modern Fonts, the TeX Live Manager to add and update packages from TeX Live, and SyncTeX.

[ approximately 93M - 25 March 2021 ]
The MD5 sum is be93040095ae1b7332d1b3a150aaef6e
The SHA256 sum is 0d8f7c39ac7a2a66b070775f0c684aab01a7fb3c075045c33cd19f9b29317d53
The SHA512 sum is 6f104c84d04cbddbe2ba44e6e02257f0554b53a1e90084ae57bec1f96a27091 a9b60173cfee5bae19d2753d21835b8ba7c97c1702d3d530a8a51527f08844147

BasicTeX.pdf (about the BasicTeX distribution)

GUI Programs and Documentation from MacTeX

The GUI section of MacTeX contains four front ends and utilities. These programs are often updated, so it is best to get them directly from their respective web pages. Here are links:
TeXShop, a front end: TeXShop
LaTeXiT, a package which typesets equations to be pasted into Keynote, etc.: LaTeXiT
TeX Live Utility, a program to update and maintain TeX Live: TeX Live Utility
BibDesk, a program to handle bibliographies: BibDesk

Ghostscript 9.53.3 from MacTeX

Ghostscript is not required for pdfLaTeX or XeTeX, but is often useful for converting eps illustrations to other formats, or processing dvi files. This link gives the full install package:
[ approximately 38M - 26 February 2021 ]
The MD5 sum is 3751dbea5c281719657947a7b00e675a
The SHA256 sum is 8e5a9189d1502393ba1143546e4615363d225c806c698b2c6b6a8fe6c624bbfa
The SHA512 sum is d437013919c790b6ffaa3d4fa7952aedbf45a6264ae329fc59d6438cdc02b4fa7f7 8012ff232c0e3a8ca27c31b7c77a9358c69699d64fbbc5aefb5eb4e553785