Current TUG logo

The TEX Users Group :  TUG Logo Competition

June 2009 results: no new logo was chosen; thanks nevertheless to all the entrants for their hard work. A gallery of the submissions is available. Below is the original competition text, for posterity.

The current TUG logo has been in use for several years (since about 1998/9, in fact; there is also a larger variant on which it is clearly based, dating from around 1990), and it has recently been drawn to the Board's attention that the logo doesn't digitize well, can't easily be reproduced, and the source for it can no longer be located.

Bearing these disadvantages in mind, the Board has organised a competition to design a new logo, and invites anyone interested to participate.

Once all submissions have been received, the Board will examine each of them critically, and if any appears significantly better than the current logo, the Board will then select what is (in its opinion) the best, and move a formal motion that this be adopted as the new TUG logo.

In order that the new logo can avoid all of the disadvantages of the current one, the following requirements must be met :

To assist the Board in comparing entries, each must contain both source and binary versions.  The latter must include a full-colour PDF (with embedded scalable fonts, if fonts are used), together with two PNGs (one monochrome, one colour) the smaller dimension of which must be 72px.

Submissions, which should include a ZIP file containing source(s) and binaries, should be sent by electronic mail to; the closing date for entries is 23:59 GMT on 30-April-2009. The Board's decision will be final.