2011 TUG Membership Form

This form is disabled, and left here for historical purposes only. Please visit the current membership form to join or renew with TUG, and thanks!

Please use this form to join TUG or renew your membership. If you have questions or encounter any problems with membership registration, please contact the TUG office. Thanks for your support.

A summary of the benefits for TUG membership in 2011:

Membership dues are generally tax deductible (at least in the USA), less value of benefits, which for this year is calculated as $40 (all amounts in US dollars). Voluntary donations are generally fully tax deductible (again, at least in the USA). More info on TUG's tax-exempt status.

See instructions below if needed. More information on 2011 memberships is also available.

2011 TUG membership dues (select one):
$95 Regular individual membership.
$65 Special membership. You may join at this special rate if you are a (please select):
senior  student  new graduate  citizen of country with modest economy. See instructions.
Check here to donate the difference between the regular and special membership rates.
$100 Non-voting subscription for, e.g., libraries. We send an invoice annually to subscribers.
$500  Institutional membership. Includes up to eight individual memberships (thus providing a discount), listing online and in TUGboat.
To join for future years at this year's rate, multiply by the number of years, add to the total, and mention it in the comments field at the bottom; please ignore the warning on the results page.
Membership options:
  –$20 Check here to omit shipping of all physical benefits (TUGboat, software), and thus get a fee reduction. (Current TUGboat issues and software are available to members electronically.)

Purchase last year's materials:
These options are in addition to standard membership benefits and materials.
$30   TUGboat volume for 2010 (three issues)
$20   TeX Collection 2010 DVD, which includes TeX Live, proTeXt, MacTeX, and CTAN.

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     If automatically renewing, make these donation(s) annually (or describe in comments field below)
$   Grand Total (membership + options + last year's materials + donations):   

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Billing address different from your mailing address? Please put your billing address in the comments field.

If you are a brand-new member, welcome! Please fill out all relevant fields. If you are a renewing member and your other information is unchanged, you need provide only your name, current email address, postal code, and country.

Electronic notices will reach you much faster than printed ones. But if you don't want to be contacted by email at all, just indicate as much in the comment field, and we will respect your wishes.

For US members: please provide your full nine-digit zip code if you know it; the post office will appreciate it.

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Privacy: TUG uses your personal information only to mail you products, publications, notices, and (for voting members) official ballots. TUG does not sell or otherwise provide its membership list to anyone.


Problems or questions?

If you have any questions or difficulties submitting the membership form, please contact the TUG office by email or via paper mail, phone, or fax.

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