fontinst - making TeX support for fonts

fontinst is a utility for font installation, originally written by Alan Jeffrey and jointly maintained by a group of contributors. The primary purpose of fontinst is to simplify the installation of PostScript or TrueType fonts for use with (La)TeX. However, it may equally well be used as a development tool to build prototype implementations of new (math) font encodings or to build special-effect fonts. mailing list:
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Authors and Contributors:
Alan Jeffrey (releases v 0.1 - v 1.5xx)
Sebastian Rahtz (releases v 1.5xx, v 1.6)
Ulrik Vieth (releases v 1.8xx)
Lars Hellström (releases v 1.9xx)
Rowland McDonnell (manual v1.8)
Walter Schmidt (PSNFSS maintenance)
et al.

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