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EuroTeX 2003 Proceedings (Brest, France)

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Title page   121 
The EuroTeX 2003 conference 
  Yannis Haralambous 
Conference program and delegates   306 
French typographic patrimony, conservation and teaching 
  Christian Paput 
The Cassetin project—Towards an inventory of ancient types and the related standardised encoding 
  Jacques André 
Replicating archaic documents: A typographic challenge 
  Apostolos Syropoulos 
CurExt, typesetting variable-sized curved symbols 
  Azzeddine Lazrek 
Allographic biometrics and behavior synthesis 
  Vlad Atanasiu 
La virgule viendrait-elle de l'ecriture arabe ? 
  Ghassan Mourad 
Quelques remarques sur le sens et la servitude de la typographie 
  Emmanuel Souchier 
Systeme automatise de co-redaction de livres 
  Yves Maniette 
Ethique et edition scientifique d'ouvrages anciens sur support electronique 
  Isabelle Turcan, Viviane Berthelier 
Electronic Documents
XLaTeX, a DTD/schema which is very close to LaTeX 
  Yannis Haralambous, John Plaice 
Tralics, a LaTeX to XML translator 
  Jose Grimm 
Docbook In ConTeXt, a ConTeXt XML mapping for Docbook documents 
  Simon Pepping 
Intertextualite et typographie numerique—considerations semantiques sur le livre electronique 
  Ioannis Kanellos 
Nouveaux signes de lecture et d'ecriture poules documents electroniques 
  Ghassan Mourad 
Software & Tools
The XEmTeX project 
  Marie-Louise Chaix, Fabrice Popineau 
iTeXMac, an integrated TeX environment for Mac OSX 
  Jérôme Laurens 
Description of knowledge of mathematical programs with TeX and XML 
  Balazs Vecsei 
Real-time grid fitting of typographic outlines 
  David Turner, Werner Lemberg 
L'utilisation du Mauro-TeX pour l'edition critique de Francesco Maurolico 
  Jean-Pierre Sutto, Pier Daniele Napolitani 
Inserting external figures with GraphicP 
  Péter Szabó 
Geometric diversions with TeX, MF and MP 
  Karel Horák 
Printing digital photographs with LaTeX 
  Frederic Boulanger 
Output routine requirements for advanced typesetting tasks 
  David Kastrup 
Bibulus—a Perl/XML replacement for BibTeX 
  Thomas Widmann 
BibTeX++: Toward higher-order BibTeXing 
  Fabien Dagnat, Ronan Keryell, Laura Barrero Sastre, Emmanuel Donin de Rosiere, Nicolas Torneri 
European bibliography styles and MlBibTeX 
  Jean-Michel Hufflen 
Multilingual Document Processing
Second version of encTeX: UTF-8 support 
  Petr Olšák 
ALI-BABA and the 40 Unicode characters—Towards the ideal Arabic working environment 
  Thomas Milo 
Generating multiple outputs from Omega 
  John Plaice, Yannis Haralambous 
Enhanced font features for future multilingual digital typography with sound-script-language attribute integration 
  B.V. Venkata Krishna Sastry 
Contemporary Hungarian types and designers 
  Gyöngyi Bujdosó 
Font creation with FontForge 
  George Williams 
The free UCS outline fonts project—An attempt to create a global font 
  Primoz Peterlin 
Adapting Omega to OpenType fonts 
  Anish Mehta, Gábor Bella, Yannis Haralambous 
Experience with OpenType Font Production 
  Sivan Toledo, Zvika Rosenberg 
The METATYPE project: Creating TrueType fonts based on Metafont 
  Serge Vakulenko 
Programming PostScript Type 1 fonts using MetaType1: Auditing, enhancing, creating 
  Bogusław Jackowski, Janusz Nowacki, Piotr Strzelczyk 
Typesetting rare Chinese characters in LaTeX 
  Wai Wong, Candy L.K. Yiu, Kelvin C.F. Ng 
Formatting font formats 
  Luc Devroye 
Polices d'apprentissage de l'ecriture 
  Jef Tombeur 
Alphabets artificiels et synthetiques 
  Jef Tombeur 
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