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Extended translation of the the 5th edition


the 7th edition, total of 960 colored pages


2nd edition, 212 pages, includes 32 color pages










with package animate | 

Animations with pst-solides3d can be seen here.
Create a document with
\multido{\iA=..}{Number of pages}{%
Create the pdf and then run:
convert -delay 50 -loop 0 -density 300 -scale 300 -alpha remove <file>.pdf <file>.gif
You can modify the values for delay, density and scale for your need. That command needs at least ImageMagick 7.2.5.

exa7 exa14
exa09 exa12 exa13
exa09 exa10 exa11
exa06 exa08 radar
exa06.png animat1.png
animat7.gif animat2.png exa02.png
exa01.gif exa00.gif
do not use the option -alpha remove for the converting
exa01.gif exa04.gif exa04.gif

intercuve.gif intercuvecolor.gif
diffractioncuve.gif diffractioncuvecolor.gif
moiragetournant.gif     AnimGauss.gif > 400kByte!!
AnimWaves.gif > 300kByte!!
  • Some more examples
  • Sources to build the interference gif
  • TeX source
  • Scripts for Windows
  • Script for Linux
  • Some more different examples
  • LaTeX source file
  • Shell script to build the animated gif

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