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Re: mathfont V0.55

Some comments on newmath.sty (or whatever Chris is calling it today)

It is probably more important to get the encodings sorted out than
the TeX code at this stage, but since I was skimming through and
spotted my name...

> % We temporarily put some code by David Carlisle

er yes but you did *exactly* what I put in my email, including a
missing % after the \fi} below

sorry about that!!

> The fix will hopefully be in \LaTeX\ 1997/12/01. 

It is, it even has the % in the right place in that version:-)


There are three of these triangles which look pretty, but take up a
fair number of tokens, and also make the arrows shrink without warning
if you try to push past 9.

They don't seem to need to be via expansion only, so how about
something like the following which is rather more compact and produces
arrows of arbitrary length?