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Re: preliminary EuroTeX paper

Y&Y, Inc. wrote --
> At 04:27 PM 97/12/11 GMT, Chris Rowley wrote:
> >But that is also true for kerning between ord and close or ord and
> >open, which TeX does support (although with the current encodings the
> >first of these is rarely used in traditional maths); with regard to
> >the latter, does cmr have kerns before <open-parenthesis> (OK, I know I
> >can look for myself but perhaps others on this list know the (V)PL
> >files by heart:-).
> There are no kern pairs in CMEX*; and CMSY* only has bogus kern pairs 
> used to hide the accent position information  (CMMI* has some `real' kern 
> pairs).  (Also, boundary characters came after CM, so w.r.t. to what
> would the kern pairs be for the parens?)

With letters, and they will be in CMR itself as that is where the
small parentheses come from, is it not?

> >I had always assumed that the large delimiters have larger
> >side-bearings so that kerning is not so important.
> The sure do, on the `outer side'.

Only on the outer-side?