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Re: preliminary EuroTeX paper

Chris Rowley wrote:

> I would say that the existence in cm and lucida is a good criterion
> for inclusion in MXP.  You do not say which large accents are
> available in these two fonts (but I guess in the case of cm this is a
> variable whose value could depend on what gets into MXP?).

Basically yes. The 12 sizes of wide accents which are in the cm layout
right now are my own mf work, based on the original cm and the yhmath
versions. It will be easy to change their number and/or width progression. 
> > Another question for discussion: Is it really a good idea to have the
> > double accents in MSP ? They will be missing in most implementations.
> Why can you be so certain that they will be missing: I would think
> that once the contents of MSP (and MXP) are decided this could
> influence what is available, particularly in cm and, I hope, lucida.

Well, I meant to say that they will be missing in vf implementations based
on the currently available font sets.

> I am not sure that the AMS is a very good source for this data since
> accents are not so widely used in their type of maths as in some others.
> As for statistics, that is an area where one expects to see these
> two combinations:  \Bar \Hat and \Hat \Bar .

We currently have \Hat \Bar in MSP, but not \Bar \Hat, so this is an
interesting information.

> > Regarding the discussion on kerning between open and ord: One reason
> > I could think of for TeX not to use kerning between open and ord would
> > be the following: This would only improve the apprearance of the basic
> > size delimiters, but not of the larger sizes.
> But that is also true for kerning between ord and close or ord and
> open, which TeX does support (although with the current encodings the
> first of these is rarely used in traditional maths); with regard to
> the latter, does cmr have kerns before <open-parenthesis> (OK, I know I
> can look for myself but perhaps others on this list know the (V)PL
> files by heart:-).

I'll have to look that up too
> I had always assumed that the large delimiters have larger
> side-bearings so that kerning is not so important.

Yes, I think this is the case.

Regards, Matthias

Matthias Clasen, 
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